Thursday, December 27, 2018

2018 Mystery Reprints

The details are here. I will collect my ratings and reactions here of the ones I read or have already read.

My own votes were for two of the QPQ and the Rogers, because they all went on the TBR and look interesting.

Grindle Nightmare, Q. Patrick.(Alredy read)  A bit over 4/5. Not as grim as Brad presents it, lots of dark humor.

So Blue Marble, Hughes. 3/5

Seventh Guest, Boca. 1/5 Didn’t finish.

Murder Isn’t Easy, Hull. (Already read) 4/5 Amusing, clever, but not very surprising.

Verdict of Twelve, Postgate. (Already read) 5/5 This is a famous classic, so I didn’t vote for it,  but if you are just looking for a good vintage murder mystery this is the clear winner so far.

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