Wednesday, July 5, 2017

CNN's true colors

CNN is despicable.

CNN now says they kept his identity a secret for his safety. But they only know it because they hunted him down. There would be no issue of exposure had they not decided to find him out. Nice anonymity you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.

More from Althouse.

UPDATE. CNN responds:  He was not underage!!
Fake news getting you down? Perhaps you want a retraction?

UPDATER: Here is a timeline with the CNN guy changing his story repeatedly in an attempt to obfuscate his threats.

UPDATERER: The gift that keeps on giving.

And giving. The fake news just keeps coming. and this really is fake news not just an error. Innocent errors would be random. The fake Lincoln quote too.  And the carefully edited handshake video in Poland, made to look like a snub of Trump, was reated by CNN reporters. Cilizza in particular.

RELATED. Not just CNN. Note the dates, long after the AP retraction, the NYT retraction, and the testimony of the DNI that the 17 number was bogus. It's not just an error. She is controverting Trump's assertion without bothering to check.