Thursday, August 31, 2017

Clive Crook

Clive Crook has been consistently insightful. And on cue we get immediate vindication!

Theory 1

Theory 2

Friday, August 18, 2017


Last year I watch re-enactors play out a skirmish from the War of 1812. So I have questions.

This was in Ohio. Should the British re-enactors have been pepper-sprayed?

And when they re-enacted a battle in Ontario, should the Americans have been punched?


Finally someone in politics showing some moral courage.

I think Trump's response has been distorted and feelings whipped up, and that there’s hysteria loose upon the land, but none of that lessens Trump's responsibility to deal with it as it is. He hasn't, yet. I don’t know if he can succeed. Trump as moral clarion? It’s not plausible.  But, "comes the moment comes the man."  Clinton stepped up after the Oklahoma bombing. Johnson, even worse than Trump really, stepped up after the assassination. Will Trump?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

When Did Gladys Kravitz become the role model?


Normally I find this guy over the top, and I guess this is over the top too, but  today it resonates
You simply cannot say, in polite society, “basic fairness requires us to avoid a rush to judgment and to give people the right to respond to accusations.” To do so gets you lumped in with the criminals. Like a friend of mine said, “the only acceptable reaction to an accusation is enthusiastic and unqualified acceptance.”

Contemporary political culture is an autoimmune disorder.