Friday, February 26, 2016


Having reconciled myself to Trump as the GOP nominee I find I am not depressed.

Oh for sure I think we will get a bad president, be it Trump or Sanders or Clinton. And bad presidents matter. So why am I not depressed?

Because Trumpism and Bernieism make me hopeful. Not because the candidates have good policies or good ideas, or would make good leaders. Because it shows Americans are pushing back on those who see themselves as the Eloi, and the rest as Morlocks; because of the growing rejection of PC and its mau-mauing; because of the anger at insider deals and law-is-for-peasants; because of an assertion of pride.

A great rejection is brewing. It is still inchoate, it still hasn't found the right spokesmen, but it's there and it won't be going away.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Low Hanging Fruit Platform

1. End the war on drugs. Immediately. Repeal the laws, stop the interdictions, stop actions abroad, release everyone in jail for simple possession.
2. Ban public sector unions. Honor existing union contracts until they expire.
3. School vouchers for all.
4. Body cameras for all cops. Make single party recording legal.
5. Destroy ISIS

Okay, 5 isn’t low hanging fruit. But there it is. Ken B in ’16.

My guess is the next president does none of these things. 

Zinoviev Speaks Out!