Thursday, November 1, 2018

Josquin's Lament

For Ockeghem.

Ockehgem's lament for Binchois. Schmelzer is rather controversial. I thought his Machaut a bit crazed but I do like this.

Binchois just plain lamenting. Also Schmelzer. Beautiful for sure but to me this one is less convincing. It sounds too modern, and a bit prettified.  So here a 13th century chanson I find just right.

One for the road.

UPDATE: I am not a musician, so struggle to explain what bothers me about Schmelzer. It sounds too modern somehow, too granola. Anyway here is an interesting analysis.
Their Josquin works well I think, especially the start.

So for comparison, Dominique Visse's group here. I think this has a strangeness that it should have.  I have heard this group perform this live, so might be prejudiced.

I suppose the reference recording is the Hilliard Ensemble.

The Orlando Consort is also splendid.

The King's Singers take a more stately approach.

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