Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Should voters be allowed to pick Mary Ann?

There is a clear division between those who would pick Ginger and those who would pick Mary Ann. In most polls Mary Ann wins. But this is problematic. Are voters making a rational choice? Mary Ann voters describe her as more stable, low-maintenance, kind. Ginger on the other hand is described as manipulative, selfish, demanding. But these are illusions. After all, we know nothing about either except what they look and sound like. They are fictional roles played by actresses.The highly educated should be able to see this. And indeed they favour Ginger. Ginger, most agree, gives off more signs of female arousal. This might explain why Ginger polls better with the young, especially 17 year old boys. And Scots prefer Ginger, perhaps due to her colouring. So then: the highly educated, the adolescents, and the Scots favour Ginger.
My question is, should people be allowed to pick Mary Ann?


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